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Fragments? Fragments of what? That’s most likely your first question. Well, they are fragments of Dofus shells. As I’ve explained before, WAVEN ‘s story comes after Season 4 of WAKFU. Before some of you wear out your fingers on your poor keyboards: No, we haven’t yet signed a 4th season, and no, I haven’t yet written the scripts. However, I am gradually making progress on the major plot outlines, and as I’ve said before, I’d like to connect all our new and upcoming creations set in the KROSMOZ universe. The end of Season 4 will therefore set off the WAVEN era. Needless to say, there must have been trouble if the World of Twelve is in such a state.
Therefore, the fragments are pieces of Dofus eggshells (S4 of WAKFU will explain where they come from), and your mission as players is to collect them for your own needs.

General Concept

Fragments are at the heart of many gameplay mechanics. I must admit, one of my obsessions for WAVEN is to make drops interesting, no matter what they are, and avoid having thousands of items that only serve to clutter up chests. I think I’ve already said a lot on the subject. We therefore gave quite a bit of thought to how we could integrate a system that would make drops really “exciting”. By “exciting” I mean that satisfying little sound that a ring made in Diablo II, the way your heart skips a beat when the loot table appears in the last rooms of DOFUS dungeons, looting a perfect-stat cloak from Wa Wabbit, and so on.

To be as effective as possible, we had to come up with an idea so that a minimum would be used a maximum amount (what fun, you need to read that three times to get it). In addition, we were looking for something simple to offer in your dungeons without things spiraling out of control. The fragment system was born out of these desires. So, you can picture fragments as resources that will let you develop your spells, companions, monsters, Dimensional Haven rooms, etc.

Various Types of Fragments

There are 14 different fragment types. I’m going to name the various fragments so that the rest of this post will understandable:

In conjunction with the six primordial Dofus, I’ve given these fragments “temporary” names.

  • All the way on the left, you have IVORITE, which is of “INFINITE” rarity (Ivory Dofus).
  • In the middle, you have common, uncommon, and rare fragments:

    RUKOSUS (Turquoise Dofus)
    OCRUS (Ochre Dofus)
    EMERADUS (Emerald Dofus)
    CRIMORUS (Crimson Dofus)

  • And, to finish up, all the way on the right you have EBONITE, also of “INFINITE” rarity, but much more difficult to obtain because, unlike IVORITE, you don’t earn it when you level up.

Some of those names are especially lousy, so please help us find better ones, starting with the Turquoise Dofus fragment.

Collecting Fragments

  • When Your Heroes and Companions Level Up: You’ll gain fragments in different ways. First, you need to understand that your heroes will not earn new skills (HP, damage, etc.) when they level up. However, you will earn chests, and the quality and quantity of what’s inside will depend on several factors; you ALWAYS get a chest of fragments when you level up, but the content will vary based on what level you’re reaching. The higher the level, the more the quality of the chest will be affected. Similarly, we want to set up a “bonus” reward system linked to your “survival”, the idea being to reward the players who die the least between each level. So, if you don’t die a single time from one level to the next, you will receive the best possible reward.
  • Dropped by Monsters: Whether you fight monsters in the open world or in other players’ dungeons, you’ll have an opportunity to earn fragments. Of course, the more complicated the dungeon, the higher your rewards will be.
  • Harvested from Your Dungeons: I’ve talked briefly about the dungeons in your Dimensional Havens; this is the very “mobile” part of the game. Your dungeons will let you harvest fragment chests every X hours. Obviously, if your dungeon doesn’t have any defenses, other players will collect them instead of you.
  • Expeditions/Quests: Here I’m referring to post #5. Companions you’re not using can be sent out on expeditions to collect fragments and other items.
  • Economic Model: Before any of you get too many ideas – and to avoid questions in the comments – let me defuse the subject right away. If this mechanic is included in the economic model, it could rapidly change the game into a pay-to-win. It is still too early to talk about the economic model, but rest assured that the goal is NOT to go to the extremes of ultra-aggressive mobile games; our goal is to be fair in what we do.

Fragment Use

Well, I could go on for hours about this, but the idea is for you to know what purpose they serve…

  • Leveling Up Heroes’ and Companions’ Spells: Your heroes’ and companions’ spells will each have 10 levels. To level them up, you’ll have to spend fragments. Each fragment contains some of the magic of the Dofus it came from. Fragments are linked to spell elements. Earth spells will (mostly) require fragments of Ochre Dofus shell (OCRUS). Our goal is to let you reach the first six or seven spell levels very easily (to even out how powerful most players are), and to make later levels much more difficult to reach.

    Here are two small tables to give you an idea of what that could look like. Please note: These values are just guidelines, only intended to serve as examples:

    “IVORITE” fragments are very rare and let you unlock spells. Initially, you will have dozens of different spells for each class character, but to unlock them you’ll have to use your IVORITE. Don’t worry, these fragments are given out when you level up. The idea is, above all, to work out a good progression system, as opposed to giving you access to 50 spells from the start.

    EBONITE fragments, then, will require more effort on your part. This is the ultimate fragment type, letting you reach the last spell level.

    Finally, be aware that the spell power difference between levels 9 and 10 will be small. We don’t want there to be too much of a power gap between players. To give you an idea, we’d like the ratio between newbies and veterans to be no greater than a factor of x4. The idea behind that is to let all players play together in the same spirit. In our current MMOs, power gaps between veterans and newcomers are such that gameplay compatibility is practically impossible. There are many other reasons, of course, but that topic deserves its own post.

  • Leveling Up Monsters in Your Dungeon: Be aware: Here we’re talking about increasing the monsters’ levels, not their spells. You’ll therefore have a choice between leveling up your characters (to attack) or the monsters in your dungeons (to defend your dungeons). The idea is to let you adapt your gameplay to your availability. If you think you have time to play, perhaps you’ll focus on your characters to complete a bunch of dungeons (in the open world or those of other players). If you have less time, you might pin your hopes on farming fragments. In this case, you’ll want to bet on good, powerful monsters, increasing the amount of fragments you collect based on their level. And if you are a major gamer, you can always do both.
  • Guild Haven Construction: At this stage, we think the Guild Haven will be an area that’s separate from your Dimensional Haven. As its name indicates, it will be reserved for your guild. And each member will have to chip in for you to unlock it… Those are just a few initial thoughts, and for now it’s not our top priority.

Excerpt from Tot’s blog, November 2, 2017.
Read the original post (in French) in its entirety.

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