Initial Status Report

In these next few posts, I’m going to tend to give you somewhat comprehensive updates, as with today’s post. At the moment, we’re making progress on the details of the concepts I’ve already talked to you about. We’re making progress on all fronts at once, and I think you’re starting to get a good idea of where we’re going with WAVEN. So, this summer, I think we’ll be posting this type of “overall” update rather than detailing specific features.

1. Current Status

First, let me reassure those of you who seem worried: The project is still moving along properly, and the various pieces of the puzzle are coming together little by little. This is an especially important stage during which concepts and goals take concrete form. Of course, we’re still far from the results we want to show you at Japan Expo, but we can already log in to the game, wait for an opponent, and initiate combat. We could say “the hardest part is done” (for PvP), but we’ve learned that the “hardest part” in any project is also the final touches, that 10% of remaining work that never seems to end… Here, while a lot of the pieces have indeed come together for us, we’re still missing that part – everything that will make the game enjoyable, fun, and player-friendly.

As far as the projected schedule that we shared some time ago, there have been no changes yet.

We’ve always planned two major dates:

  • Combat presentation at Japan Expo in early July. This presentation will be fairly basic, and you’ll play with pre-built decks of two or three different PvP combat cards. You’ll be able to choose between three XELOR decks and three IOP decks.
  • Board game Kickstarter in November. During this Kickstarter campaign, we want to include a small pledge to offer backers a beta key. We’d like to adjust the game balance for as many months as it’ll take, using your feedback. At that time, there’ll be five character classes and a good 30 or so companions. We’re getting the project ready, and a huge chunk of work is waiting for us; the more we talk about it among ourselves, the more I realize what a wild ride it’s going to be…
  • The next stage will depend on how much time the second item takes. But if all goes well, we’d like to release the “Dimensional Haven” part (creating and attacking dungeons, start of the solo portion, PvP, etc.) by the middle of next year. Regarding some players’ concerns about this being a very mobile-focused game, I’ve got to say YES, at this stage the game will have mechanics of that type. We decided to divide the project into different sections, and that’s what seems “easiest” to us, even though obviously the “open world” portion is something very close to our hearts. It will be the largest chunk of the project. It’s always on our minds, but as I explained above, it’s really the biggest chunk in terms of content. We might have a first zone at the end of next year, but I don’t think it would be reasonable to count on that. This feature will therefore come later. After looking at the project from every angle, we quickly agreed that the most important thing for us was to get the game out there as quickly as possible to get your feedback. From there, we drew up priorities, and the schedule we’re proposing seems to work the best. Now, like everything I present here, you should operate on the assumption that this is our plan of attack but that things could change. For now, everything’s going rather well, and I’m very reassured, but setbacks are always possible.

2. Character Classes

In this section, I’ll be sharing the XELOR GD that you’ll discover at Japan Expo. I think I’ve already said that there will be 50 spells per class. Here, I invite you to check out (pictures of) my GD doc. We’ve set an initial damage baseline (divided into 10 levels), but it’s just a first approach (read: all of the numbers are going to change before we’re done :)).
Before you glance over them, I also need to explain a rule that is changing. Those of you who’ve been following along from the start will know that a character’s (either hero’s or companion’s) move and attack happen in the same movement. I’ll say it again just in case. Unlike our existing MMOs, you only have one action per character: move + attack. So, actually, we are changing that for ranged attacks. CRAS and others will have longer range but will need to choose between striking OR moving. We’re taking this angle to make it easier to understand combat.
About the document itself, it’s my working file. That means some of the comments or notes may be hard to see. On the official site, they’ll be displayed more clearly. Until then, how about a little game? Try to match each elemental spell with the corresponding pictograph.

3. Spell Effects

Now it’s time to welcome a first-timer to this blog: young Sylvain. So, young Sylvain doesn’t really call attention to himself and works on FX. You’ve already gotten a glimpse of his talent in the atmosphere videos. Here, his job is to give the game’s effects an identity. He starts with Franho’s and Mojojo’s icons and continues in the style they laid down. Since XELOR characters are connected to mechanisms, the decision was made to give their art direction a “futuristic” touch. In any case, it’s wonderful to see these people coming together to give birth to a shared artistic direction… And I don’t know about you, but I like what they’re turning out.

4. Companions

“Ah, companions… A broad topic…” as Emilie would say. Because we’ve got an overabundance of effects going on (you’d think Michael Bay was behind the wheel), I’m taking this opportunity to introduce you to the first batch of companions. The difficult part of this project is always remembering that the game must also be playable as a board game. Here are five or six companions, essentially to give you a more concrete idea. If it’s too much for your little eyes, give them a rest and pick this up again next week.

5. New Scenery

The environment artists have, for their part, continued to advance on the various zones in the game, from the first Dimensional Haven dungeon tests to interiors and PvP maps. We’re starting to have scenery that looks as good on big computer screens as it does on mobile devices – and that’s freaking cool (because it’s freaking hard). So, of course, we’ll have many more animations and background details on computers, but overall, we are very satisfied with the results. I’ll let you take a look for yourselves.

As you can see, we’ve been working hard. The renders are getting more precise, GD is tightening up, and the code… The code is… The code is coding. We’ve got something big in store for you next week, with an update on the music and animations.
Even so, I can’t resist dropping a little gif here of my pal ECHO, who’s been trying to take JULITH’s place in my heart for some time now… She’s still got a ways to go, but honestly, she’s trying so hard…

Excerpt from Tot’s blog, May 17, 2018.
Read the original post (in French) in its entirety.

6 thoughts on “Initial Status Report

  • 23 August 2018 at 7 h 14 min

    Both Echo and Julith are dead now tho, ecksdee

  • 29 August 2018 at 5 h 44 min

    Please do not put Heroes in this game, and make a good end-game content.

    • 29 August 2018 at 20 h 41 min

      they haven’t said anything about heroes yet and since now the level system is different they will be able to make more content for everyone instead of just focusing in end-game, mid-game or new players

  • 20 September 2018 at 16 h 45 min

    don’t punish us this time when we reach level 200 to class change and don’t change the spells too often, people may quit, rewards and replayability will keep us playing, there should be some incentive for players from previous games to jump into this new game, otherwise they may think i have to start all over again(ive contemplated on quitting once i rehit 200, that’s how harsh the system was and kolo doesn’t reward like it use to)

    i have a few question, if we can create our own dungeons could we equip the monsters or change their stats or have “upgrades” for them? do we have to capture the monsters ourselves to place them in the dungeon? do they gather resources/flora based on their location prior to being caught? or how does it accumulate resources?

  • 8 November 2018 at 4 h 19 min

    Please make this game “Single account” only like the server that is a success in Dofus. We want a multiplayer game not a “My other characters will do the job” game.


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