Introducing WAVEN

In this first article, I’ll attempt to give you a macro introduction to the WAVEN project. The hardest part (at least in my opinion) is having an overall vision for a project before tackling production. The reason it’s so difficult is we’re always hearing that tiny inner voice urging us to constantly change everything we’ve started to develop.

We’ve been thinking about exactly what we want to do with WAVEN for more than a year. When you learn about it, you’ll think, “okay, sure, why not…”. Just know that we produced document… after document… after document… to get to these summaries you’ll find each week.

We started by asking ourselves thousands of questions. What is still relevant in our games? What is less so? Do players prefer to play a single character or a group of characters? Is getting around in the world actually really annoying? Wasn’t it more fun when items dropped more regularly? I’ve read a lot of your feedback in the forums, and talked with some of you. There was a phase of trying to understand. Because, admittedly, making a new MMO with the same codes as 15 years ago isn’t a viable option. So we had to challenge ourselves and try to become aware of trends… Especially since this type of development takes a lot of time, and it’s best to be in tune with what we’re offering.

And then the revelation hit. Well, when I say “revelation”, it was more of an idea that prevailed over everything else: We wanted WAVEN to be playable on both mobile devices and computers. That was the first thing we were certain of. Starting from that absolute goal, we built the project brick by brick. And it is precisely those bricks that I’ll try and present to you over the coming weeks.

In order for you to really grasp these “MACRO” concepts, I’ll start at the beginning. And this beginning is linked to Season 3 of WAKFU, and more specifically to the character OROPO.

Dimensional Havens

WAVEN is set many years after WAKFU Season 3. For reasons I can’t go into without spoilers, the World of Twelve is in a disastrous state. Despite Ogrest’s defeat, the planet is covered in water and only the major cities remain.

Most of the inhabitants (the players) live in Dimensional Havens. And so, each player starts the game in their own Dimensional Haven. Players can grow or adapt their havens by adding rooms of different types: social, dungeon, harem, etc.

This concept is the most important for getting started. Each player has their own Dimensional Haven. With this Dimensional Haven, as well as with Zaaps, players will be able to choose the type of game they like best (mobile or computer).

Taking mobile limitations into account, we started with fairly small Dimensional Havens (DHs). They are composed of eight large cubes that we’ve dubbed the “major cubes”.

A few explanatory visuals can be seen below.

The eight major cubes are deployed based on the player’s chosen zone, and can display a playing field ranging from 36 cells to a maximum of 72 cells. Here are a few examples:

The cube unfolds to offer a combat zone consistent with the room’s level. As you can see, DHs “float”. Just like OROPO’s dimension, they are “outside” the World of Twelve.


The most important thing to take away from this first explainer is that players will ultimately have three game “modes”, available directly through the Zaaps.

  • ZAAP 1: Players go through this Zaap for asynchronous combat. Players will attack DH dungeons built by other players. Fights should last 3 to 5 minutes at most. This mode contains a “farming” element, and it’s definitely the mode that mobile players will play the most.
  • ZAAP 2: This Zaap lets you launch PvP fights: 1v1 on a mobile device, with 2v2 and 3v3 reserved for computer players.
  • ZAAP 3: This Zaap lets you travel to the cities of the World of Twelve. The various zones, however, are much smaller than in our other MMOs, with many cooperative “big dungeons” that will take more than an hour of gaming to experience. Open-world combat will not be possible as it is in DOFUS and WAKFU, and computer players who want to farm can do so by attacking other players’ DH dungeons.

It is vital to really understand this starting concept and its implications. Our most important goal is to allow players to have a gaming experience that is unique to what they’re using (a mobile device or computer). Players will be able to engage in many small fights during the day on their mobile device, whenever time permits, and then dive into grander adventures at home in front of their computer.

Excerpt from Tot’s blog, September 21, 2017.
Read the original post (in French) in its entirety.

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  • 6 February 2019 at 6 h 29 min

    Hello Tot, I have been following the ankama games since 2008. This game seems about right.

    pls wakfu season 4 when?

    • 6 February 2019 at 10 h 44 min

      Unfortunately, the season 4 of WAKFU is not planned for now…


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