Musical Ambiance

Today’s post is all about music. Our friend Pitch has started a few tests, and despite his reluctance to share them, we’ve got a few sounds for you all the same. (I had to break his wrist to get them.) For the occasion, I asked him to write me a short note. Here it is:

Pitch: “The music in WAVEN relies on composition that is in line with Ankama’s MMOs – that is to say, very orchestral. There was also a desire to change the tone a bit and ‘renovate’ the style to have something more cinematic. After all, WAVEN comes after WAKFU in the timeline, so it seemed necessary for the music to evolve hand-in-hand with the game’s graphic proposal.
For now, we’re going with five major themes, each of which aligns with one of the five nations in the World of Twelve (Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, Astrub, and Amakna).

Each nation will have its own themes and orchestrations, naturally in conjunction with its characteristics:

Regarding in-game music, we are moving toward something fairly minimalist – even though the drafts don’t show that – a bit like in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The soundtrack for that latest iteration is not the best in the bunch, but they managed to strike a balance between musical presence and ambient sound (the music isn’t too invasive but is occasional enough that we hear it). We have a bit of the same issue with WAVEN because players will spend time exploring. The idea is therefore to have a soundscape and musical background that are fairly minimalist.

Finally, we’re planning to incorporate musical elements into the scenery, the maps, and maybe even the gameplay. For example, we could play a small musical pattern when the player passes by a hidden place or an inn.

When it comes to combat music, for now, the idea is to follow the number of turns played as an interactive musical mechanic. The more intense the combat, the more layers will be superimposed. Thus, we would have two diametrically opposed systems: very simple and minimal exploration, and much more intense combat.”

As Pitch has repeatedly told me, obviously, he’s just getting started. We have worked together extensively in the past, as he’s the man responsible for (among other things) most of the sounds you hear in our movies and series, both the Dofus movie and the Wakfu series. I recently discovered his musical talents, and I welcome him to the WAVEN team.

Excerpt from Tot’s blog, February 1, 2018.
Read the original post (in French) in its entirety.

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