Welcome to WAVEN

Many years have passed in the World of Twelve since season 3 of Wakfu, and the lush green plains have slowly disappeared under the rising tide of waters. A few large cities remain, but most of the population has been forced into exile in Dimensional Havens.

Your story starts here, in your dimensional refuge. Explore new lands, amass wealth, fight your enemies, and defend your territory… Personalize your gaming experience and enjoy a unique adventure. The World of Twelve – or what remains of it – is yours!

Play Your Hero

In WAVEN, you play the character of your choice. Advance in your adventures, level up, vary your equipment, unlock new spells, collect tons of skins, and play the Hero that reflects YOU.

Develop Your Dimensional Haven

Go through the Zaaps in your Dimensional Haven to start your adventure! Explore, complete your quests, and face off in PvP combats or band together for PvM fights in brand new dungeons.

Collect resources, capture new monsters, and build your own dungeons to defend!

Choose Your Companions

Find your favorite characters from the Krosmoz directly in the game, and fight alongside Julith, Yugo, Toxine, Joris, Adamai, and many more throughout your adventures!

Fight in PvP Arenas

Build your spell deck, equip your companions, enter the arena, and fight your opponents in PvP battles one-on-one on your mobile device and up to three vs. three on your computer.

Explore the World of Twelve

Bonta, Brakmar, Astrub, Sufokia… the World of Twelve has changed immensely and the inhabitants have had to figure out new ways to survive.

Head out to (re)discover a ravaged world trying to rebuild, explore brand new dungeons, complete quests given by the inhabitants, and shed light on past and future events